This is most impressive and interesting. Little did i know what it would look like when the green light was giving. I am particularly happy that this is home-grown as an idea, home-planned and executed with Nigerians at home and from Diaspora as handlers with very few expatriates. Yes it can be done and it has been done. Let it continue to be done well done! And more grease to your elbow. Olusegun Obasanjo - 14-02-11

Thank you for showing me the beginning of greater things to come. A man of Ideas; we need people like you and all those serious dedicated workers I just saw. If we build this nation on efforts, genuine hard work; Truthful and sincere Nigerians will grow geometrically to build our nation which hopefully will surpass all nations of the world. Please keep it u, keep home alive! Remi Olowude. IGI Group. 04/02/2011

I have heard a good report of the good work you are doing, today I have seen with my eyes and wish to attest that you are really doing a marvellous work. Please keep it. Macha Edward p - 24/04/08

Wonderful project; I believe in it and wish we all work together to achieve the success that is sure to come.  Mrs B.I Gold - Board Secretary FAAN - 25/04/08

I’m glad to see such a project taking place in our country. This is in line with Delta Air lines goal of customers having the same travel experience anywhere in the world. We commend all the parties involved for their dedication to this project. Keep up the good work. Peter Otueh - Delta Airlines. - 7/7/08

In the beginning we knew how the end will look like, but were almost overwhelmed by the challenges. For us it has been a rewarding experience and a very good learning process. Today we feel very proud to have been associated with this demonstration of how a human spirit can overcome the worst obstacles erected in its path. We congratulate MAEVIS+UNYSIS and their management. With this we feel proud to say `Truly Nigerian` More grease to your elbow. Adekunle Odeyinka- MD Toptech

 Impressive changes/progress report superb purpose built facility providing a good foundation/platform for the future development of service to the Nigerian Aviation industry. All these reputable for this achievement, particularly MAEVIS should be highly commended for their achievement. Peter - Managing Director ACI

Not being involved from the start we don’t know what it used to be like. But what we have seen is comparable to any high class installation in South Africa. Having experienced the current check-in situation we have no doubt that MAEVIS is going to bring high value to FAAN.Unisys is looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with MAEVIS. Clive and John

Nice presentation by Alhaji Shittu and Mr. Fagbemi. We are looking forward to a smooth technical co-operation and cordial personal working relationship between Lufthansa and Maevis for the benefit of both organisations and for the passengers and the entire Nigerian Aviation Industry. Chukwumerije - Lufthansa Duty Manager. - 25/04/08

You guys are GREAT i must say but it is not the beginning but the conclusive end that is very important (major) my prayer is that may God help perfect all that concerns you!!! T. Odejimi - 29/4/08

My Egbon,
I admire your courage and that of the team. I must sincerely say that this project is one which the lord has put his hands into and got his angels to execute it. This is just the beginning. He sure would get you there!!! Well done.

Really impressive stuff! I think this project has great prospects and its being implemented at a standard that is commendable. There are still much greater things to come and this is a highly encouraging first step. Olayinka Adetoye - Hyperformance

I believe this is to take aviation industry in Nigeria to the next level .Now we are getting ready to take our place in Africa as the true giant. Congratulations. Adekunle Adesanya -NCAA

The Installation is wonderful. Austin Ejiogu - Bi-Courtney Aviation - MMA2

Impressed at the efforts that has gone into the project. N.U. Iloabache. -FAAN DCBD

Amazing! Welldone what a professional set up. Kini classsel - APM Virgin Atlantic.

This is a laudable project. The equipment are well layout and the ideas will make Nigeria Airport compare with any in the world. Sam Ayodele. - US LOS

Thank goodness for a wonderful vision
Chris Aligbe. CEO Belujane Konzult

Contrary to misinformation, the project is a reality.
Obiuke Oyibotha - Principal Consulatant-Belujane Konzult.

The set up is okay. Mrs. Obiageli Ngwu. - 7/05/08

The whole system is fantastic; Hope all will run as stated. Alansinrin Hammed - 7/05/08

The systems are highly sophisticated and advanced…….wonderful. Rowland Oludotun - 7/05/08

I congratulate MAEVIS+UNISYS for this gigantic project which is the right step taken in the right direction. I am very convinced that this project will launch Nigerian Aviation into a higher competitive level with the world aviation development and advancement. Engr.Patrick Ekunwe - NCAA

Impressive set up hope to have this soon in ACI. Eric Owen Matthew - 8/5/08

This project is a step to many as it is really made use of ICT.I f properly implemented. I think this will eradicate loitering Airport with papers keep it up. Moses Okon - Ethiopian Airlines.

Absolutely magnificent!!
Technological breakthrough in our Airport System. Making life so convenient and interesting; Keep it up!!. John Orajiaka - Ericsson Nigeria.

Highly impressed with what we have seen and we recommend all airlines to take advantage of the new system. Mr Yan Lihon.

I am highly impressed by the vision and the level of commitment (hardware and human)to the project  I see a good future. Capt Fola Akin

What I have seen here shows that Nigeria is at the verge of joining the advanced Nations of the world in enhanced facilitation and efficient revenue generation and collection. I wish the management and staff of Maevis+Unisys the best in their endeavours.
J.C.O Ezenwankwo - Director Airport Operations - FAAN

I guess this is it.I am impressed and elated please keep it up and welcome on board. Mrs. Amilu O - NCAA

What I have seen my mouth cannot say it all. It is really marvellous keep it up. DGM NAMA. - 14/05/08

This is highly impressive and I hope more of this will be extended to other international Airports.

This organisation provides a highly recommendable and accurate statistical. AGM AGTN.

I am convinced that this project is in the best interest af safety of the travelling public and regularity, efficiency and economical operations of our services. Adekoya J.P

This is quite an asset and should be accepted for a good working experience in the economic systems. Nwaiwu B.I

I am satisfied with the performance so let Maevis keep the tempo.

A remarkable project by a remarkable man. Philip Ikeazor - 14/5/08

The future is surely here I have seen the power of vision may God fulfil all your dreams in Jesus Name. Pastor Idowu Iluyomade.

This is impressive and shows a bright future as a country. We all look forward to the convenience that this brings to the traveller. Emmanuel Umukon.

An impressive and remarkable project embarked on here looking forward to seeing more of this in other areas in the country. Good Show Bimbola Ozomah - 23/05/08.

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